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What software do I need to use your amazing content?

Our After Effects templates require Adobe After Effects software and Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 is required for Motion Graphics Templates.

What are After Effects and Motion Graphics Templates?

Our templates are pre-made, customizable animation templates that require Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro CC software. The amount of customization varies from template to template, but typically includes customizable text, images and many other settings.

I've never used After Effects. How easy are your templates to use?

Even if you've never used After Effects, we're certain you'll have success with our easy to use templates. All of our After Effects templates are structured in the same way, and most of them come with video tutorials. Once you customize one template, you can customize them all.

Does your templates come with tutorials?

Yes, and no. Some of our templates comes with detail video tutorial, some not. But every AE template have a “readme” text file that explains how the project is broken down and the best steps that you need to take to edit this project.

Which version of After Effects I must use?

Most of our templates are compatible with After Effects CS6 or higher. You can check version compatibility in the project description for template in question. Be careful because you can’t open templates in older versions of After Effect.

Can I use purchased AE Template with Avid Studio or some other non-Adobe Software?

No. Purchased AE Templates can be used only with Adobe After Effect software,

Can I use purchased AE Template with Avid Studio or some other non-Adobe Software?

Recommended configuration means that project was tested, as a working proof, on that configuration for specific estimated time.

I have changed videos but when I rendering it some of videos are not displaying. How can I fix it?

You must import video in every media holder composition. Pay attention that you didn’t miss some of them, because sometimes project have large number of them. Also be sure that you delete everything inside media composition before you insert your media. The other thing might be that your imported media are not long enough and at one moment, your media source become “invisible”. Usually about 30sec of video file will be more than enough.
If there is non above, then it is a codec issue. Try to prerender your issued clips into some other format and imported it again into AE.

Your product info said “No additional plugins needed” but when I open the project I get notice that i have missing plugins?

You are opening the wrong version of the project. When you unzip the project files you will usually find two folders. Use After Effect project inside the prerendered version folder, not the full one, because full one is one with all the add. plugins.
Also, it might be the problem in your AE version. You are maybe using Adobe trail version. Some of the effects, like the Cycore (CC) effects, aren’t included in the trial version.

Missing source file error?

Sometimes After Effects can’t locate the source files due to the change of location. Easy way is to right click on the missing file and click replace file then locate the file in one of the folders. Once one missing file is located then After Effects will automatically find the rest of the missing files.

Every time I try to render the project it crashes. What do I do?

Well, some of our templates are robust, using many layers arranged in 3D space, so I guess that can be a problem for some “weak” configuration’s. Here is some things that can help you:
- Use prerender version of purchased project.
- Try to open every prerender clip in some encoding program (Adobe Media Encoder) and try to prerender it.
- Turn off camera blur (that will free some process calculations for 3d layers.
- Try to prerender parts of the project and then composed it later (it’s demand some advance knowledge).
- You can try find some more power computer just for this project’s (RAM 8GB at least)

When opening project I'm getting class effect, no property, slider, angle etc. errors?

You are opening this project in Non-English version of AE. That’s the reason that you keep getting this error messages.
You can either install the English version of the project or you can create an empty txt document “ae_force_english.txt” put this document into user/document and then when you start After Effects it will run in English

When the media appear on the screen, media has a default look, like I should change a media file. I can´t find where to replace that media.

You can open all the compositions inside the Change file Here/media sub-folder.
Then go thrue everyone of them and check if some comp has missing media. If that’s the case, then just insert the media in that comp.
If you already have media in every composition, then you can check the media length. Sometime at specific place of the project media holder requires longer media length, or „dummie“ layer bellow will appear in preview (in case that you didn’t delete those „dummie“ (this is „change media 0_“ layer) in your import process).